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Species / Tessarolax Teleos


Original Diagnosis of Tessarolax teleos by Saul & Squires, 2015:

  • ”Mature last whorl wide and bicarinate; dorsal spine stout; callus glaze extensive; fictavarix ‘‘mitten-like’’.”

Original Description of Tessarolax teleos by Saul & Squires, 2015:

  • "Shell up to 37 mm high and 27 mm wide (digitations missing). Pleural angle approximately 55 degrees. Protoconch unknown. Teleoconch up to six whorls. Suture impressed. Immature shell: (LACMIP 13596): Turriculate, consisting of five whorls. Ramp broad, whorl surfaces covered with many closely spaced spiral threads alternating in strength. First two teleoconch whorls rounded and possibly smooth. Remaining immature whorls with carina located anterior of mid-whorl and suture nearly coincident with moderately strong spiral rib. Mature shell: Consisting of wide last whorl, bicarinate with very weak spiral rib on interspace visible where callus is thinned. Aperture moderately wide. Outer lip expanded into four canaliculate digitations. Apical digitation extending along spire but diverted away from tip of spire. Posterior and anterior digitations coincident with their respective carina. Rostral digitation mostly incomplete. Dorsal spine stout (thick) and arising from anterior carina. Callus glaze over entire shell (including tip of spire) and obscuring ornamentation except for bicarinae. Callus on venter of shell moderately thick, forming continuous sheet from neck to tip of spire. Fictavarix moderately long, narrow, and ‘‘mitten-like.’’"

Locus typicus: North shore of Lake Nacimiento, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA.

Stratum typicum: El Piojo Formation, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

Geographic Range: Northern California, USA.

Etymology: The species name is derived from the Greek teleos, meaning ‘‘having reached its end’’ or ‘‘finished,’’ signifying the end of the Tessarolax lineage.

Tessarolax teleos Saul & Squires, 2015; Holotype; El Piojo Formation, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous; North shore of Lake Nacimiento, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA; Coll. UCMP, no. 38033; Copyright Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.


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