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Schubert, Gründel & Nützel, 2008:

  • p. 17: "An Early Jurassic (Upper Pliensbachian) gastropod fauna from the Herforder Liasmulde (Herford Lias Syncline) near Bielefeld, Northwest Germany is described."
  • p. 25: "Description: The juvenile specimen comprises about seven whorls, is 9 mm high and 4.2 mm wide; earliest whorls (probably larval shell) of about four to five convex whorls, somewhat greater apical angle than later whorls; early whorls without visible ornament; about fifth to sixth whorl with two faint spirals at about midwhorl beating nodular ornament; last two whorls with distinct keel at mid-whorl, increasing in strength on last whorl; second keel forms edge at transition to base, covered by preceding whorl in earlier part of shell."
  • p. 25: "Remarks: This juvenile specimen clearly represents an aporrhaid but it is too incomplete and poorly preserved for a safe generic or species identification. It resembles early ontogenetic shells of the Toarcian/Aalenian species Dicroloma? subpunctata (MÜNSTER 1844) (e.g. GRÜNDEL 1998). The present specimen represents one of the oldest members of the family Aporrhaidae in Germany."
  • p. 25: "Material: One specimen NKMB 32996"


  • Schubert, S.; Gründel, J. & Nützel, A. 2008. Early Jurassic (Upper Pliensbachian) gastropods from the Herforder Liasmulde (Bielefeld, Northwest Germany). - Paläontologische Zeitschrift 82 (1): 17-30.

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