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Species / Tridentarius


  • Strombidae
    • Tridentarius Kronenberg & Vermeij, 2002

Original Diagnosis of Tridentarius by Kronenberg & Vermeij, 2002, p. 51:

  • "Small, high-spired strombids with strongly reduced spiral sculpture, determinate outer lip with glazed adult edge and three sharp basal projections. An indistinct stromboid notch is separating the two abapicalmost projections. A thick, narrow columellar callus is present, and a long adapical apertural channel."

Original Description of Tridentarius by Kronenberg & Vermeij, 2002, p. 51:

  • "Shell small for family (maximum height 56.5 mm), fusiform, basally very weakly or not constricted. Protoconch of about 2.5 smooth whorls. First one to two teleoconch whorls with eight very fine incised spiral lines and fine growth lines. First three to four teleoconch whorls with varices. Later spire whorls with gradually appearing axial ribs, most strongly expressed at periphery, abapically fading out above midpoint of whorl. Determinate adult outer lip little expanded, with glazed edge, adapically extending as narrow apertural channel with the adapical extension of the thickened, narrow columellar callus. Edge of adult outer lip dentate, the adapical two teeth axially broad and rounded, lobe-like, the abapical three teeth sharp, triangular, spinelike, directed ventrally and abapically. Stromboid notch shallow but distinct, situated between the two abapicalmost teeth. Abapical end of inner lip pointed, extending beyond abapicalmost tooth on outer lip. Columella abapically and adapically with a few indistinct thin plicae. Outer lip very little expanded abaxially, finely spirally striate on inner (adaxial) surface. Aperture narrow, widening abapically. Operculum stromboid, elongate, arched, serrated on convex edge."

Type species: Strombus dentatus Linnaeus, 1758

Species of Tridentarius are:

History and Synonymy

Tridentarius Kronenberg & Vermeij, 2002:51

  • Fusicanarium Romagna-Manoja, 1980 [nomen nudum]


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    • Terestrombus and Tridentarius, new genera of Indo-Pacific Strombidae (gastropoda), with comments on included taxa and on shell characters in Strombidae. Vita Malacologica 1(1): 49-54.
  • E. Romagna-Manoja (1980 a).
    • Superfamily Stromboidea: VI Part: Subgenus Canarium. The Shell [La Conchiglia] XII(130-131): 12-16.
  • E. Romagna-Manoja (1980 b).
    • Superfamily Stromboidea: VII Part: Subgenus Canarium. La Conchiglia [The Shell] XII(134-135): 15-17.
  • E. Romagna-Manoja (1980 c).
    • Superfamily Stromboidea Part VIII: subgenus Canarium. La Conchiglia [The Shell] XII(136-137): 3-5.

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