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Species / Vaderos Stenzeli


Orignal Description of Ectinochilus (Vaderos) stenzeli by Harris & Palmer, 1946:

  • "Nucleus consists of three and possibly more smooth whorls, first minute; apex pointed. It is difficult to determine the limit of the nucleus, as few specimens retain the apical whorls and many shells are worn. The postnuclear whorls bulge from the small nucleus. Sides of whorls are straight, obscurely convex, and slightly excavated at the suture. The three or four postnuclear whorls are smooth, the next whorl is covered with microscopic flat even spiral lines. The lines gain strength anteriorly so that the remainder of the whorls of the spire are completely covered with the fine revolving ribs. The interspaces are linear and punctate. The spiral ribs are most conspicuous over the basal area of the body whorl where they are slightly elevated, the interspaces are larger and more strongly dissected by hairlike longitudinal striations. Fine longitudinal folds occur over the penultimate whorl and body whorl, stronger on the body whorl. The aperture has a strong basal notch anteriorly with sharp margins. Varices have not been noticd on the specimens studied."

Locus typicus: Montgomery Landing, Red River, Grant Parish (County), Louisiana, USA

Stratum typicum: Moodys Branch marl, Jackson Group, Eocene


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