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Species / Varicospira Crispata


Original Description of Strombus crispatus by Sowerby, 1842:

  • "T. turrita, fusiformi, concentricè plicatâ, spiralitèr striatâ; aperturâ ovali, posticè in canalem carinatam crispatam desinente, anticè canali brevitèr rostrato; labio externo crasso, crenulato; labio interno crasso; operculo lateralitèr serrato."
  • "Rather more ventricose than S. fissurella, with the beak shorter, and the posterior canal resting upon the penultimate whorl only, and coiled at the extremity; the outer edge of the operculum is serrated. Body pale straw colour, with three brown bands across the last whorl."
  • Locus typicus: Philippines Islands

Strombus crispatus in Sowerby, 1842, pl. 8, fig. 62, 63

History and Synonymy


Description of Strombus crispatus by Sowerby, 1843, p. 143:

  • "Str. testa turrita, fusiformi, concentrice plicata, spiraliter striata; apertura ovali, postice in canalem brevem crispatam desinente; antice canali brevi rostrata; labio externa crasso, crenulato; labio interna crasso; operculo lateraliter serrato."
  • Localities: "Ins. Luzon, Panay, et Bureas, Philippinarum."
  • Sowerby, 1843 gives no drawing

Rostellaria crispata in Kiener, 1843, Rostellaires, pl. 4, fig. 2


Strombus crispatus (?) in Duclos in Chenu, 1844, pl. ?, fig. 7, 8


Rostellaria crispata in Reeve, 1851, Rostellaria, pl. 3, fig. 8 a, b

Specimens from private collections

Varicospira crispata (Sowerby, 1842); Orote Cliffs, Orote Point, Guam Island, Mariana Islands, Micronesia, USA, North Pacific Ocean; under a huge pile of boulders, 55 feet; 14,3 mm; 4/1979; Coll. Richard Salisbury

Varicospira crispata (Sowerby, 1842); dwarf; Philippines Islands; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

  1. 10,5 mm
  2. 7,0 mm


  • Raven H. (2002) - Notes on molluscs from NW Borneo. 1. Stromboidea (Gastropoda, Strombidae, Rostellariidae, Seraphidae). Vita Malacologica 2002, No. 1 p. 3-32.
  • Sowerby, 1842

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