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Species / Varicospira


Original Diagnosis of the genus Dientomochilus (Varicospira) by Eames, 1952, p. 70:

  • "Subfusiform; gutter rising upwards and curving over backwards on the dorsal region of the surface of the shell, not rising up to the apex as in Rimella; ornament consisting of axial ribs with spiral ornament consisting essentially of incised spiral lines in the intervals of the ribs; strong varices developed irregularly on the spire whorls, in addition to the labial varix."

Type species: Strombus cancellatus Lamarck, 1822

The following species represent Varicospira:


  • F.E. Eames (1952) - A contribution to the study of the Eocene in Western Pakistan and Western India. C. The description of the Scaphopoda and Gasteropoda from standard sections in the Rakhi Nala and Zinda Pir areas of the Western Punjab and in the Kohat district. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Vol. 236 No. 631, 1-168

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