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Species / Varicospira Toyamaensis

Varicospira Toyamaensis


  • Rimella toyamaensis Tsuda, 1959 p. 84–85, pl. 4, figs. 6a–b; Sasaki and Ogasawara, 1986, pl. 6, figs. 1a–b; Kaneko and Goto, 1997, p. 20, pl. 16, figs. 8a–b.
  • Varispira [sic] toyamaensis (Tsuda): Masuda and Noda, 1976, p. 255. [Varicospira]


  • Tsuda, K. (1959), New Miocene molluscs from the Kurosedani Formation in Toyama Pefecture, Japan. Jour. Fac. Sci., Niigata Univ., Ser. 2, 3(2), 67–110, pls. 1–7.
  • Sasaki, O. and Ogasawara, K. (1986), Intertidal molluscan assemblage from the Miocene Sunakozaka Formation, Ishikawa-Toyama area, Hokuriku district, Japan. Mem. Nat. Sci. Mus, Tokyo, no. 19, 79–90, pls. 5–6. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Kaneko, K. and Goto, M. (1997), The creatures inhabited ancient Toyama—Molluscan fossils of the Kurosedani Formation. 77 p. Tateyama Museum of Toyama, Tateyama. (in Japanese, title translated)
  • Masuda, K. and Noda, H. (1976), Check list and bibliography of the Tertiary and Quaternary Mollusca of Japan, 1950–1974. 494 p., Saito Ho-on Kai, Sendai.

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