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Species / Varicospira Tyleri


Original Description of Rimella tyleri by H. & A. Adams, 1864, p. 428:

  • ”R. testa ovato-fusiformi, lutescente, fasciis transversis quatuor rufo-fuscis ornate; anfractibus convexis, longitudinaliter plicatis; plicis validis subdistantibus, interstitiis transversim valde sulcatis; aperture angusta, rostro acuto subproducto, postice canali usque ad anfractum tertium extendente et deorsum valde curvato; labio laevi, valde incrassato; labro margine varicose, intus corrugato-plicato, antice dente valido acuto instructo.”

Locus typicus: “China Sea”

Dimensions: “10 lines, lat. 4 lines”

Comment H. & A. Adams, 1864: "A very pretty species, with four transverse red-brown bands on the last whorl, and with a conspicuous sharp tooth at the fore part of the outer lip.”

History and Synonymy


Rimella tyleri in Schepman, 1909, pl. XV, fig. 5 a, b

  • Description of the radula of Rimella tyleri by Schepman, 1909, p. 156:
    • ”The radula which, as far as I am aware, was not yet known is very small, its length is about ¾, its breath 1/3 of a Mill., with about 35 transverse rows. The rhachidian tooth ® is broadly rounded in front, contracted behind, with a cusp bearing one moderately large central denticle and about 6 smaller ones on each side, the laterals (1) are strongly transversely elongate with a simple reflected margin, terminating in a sharp point towards the centre of the radula, the uncini (U) are long and slender, strongly curved, with a few indistinct denticles. The general appearance of the radula is much the same as that of the preceding genus, as far as may be judged from one radula of each, the chief difference being the smooth margin of the laterals, which are provided with many denticles in Rostellaria."

Teeth of radula of Rimella tyleri in Schepman, 1909, pl. XVI, fig. 1

Specimens from private collections

Varicospira tyleri (H. & A. Adams, 1864); Kuantan, Pahang State, Peninsular Malaysia; 21 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Varicospira tyleri (H. & A. Adams, 1864); Japan; 12,5 mm; Coll. Virgilio Liverani no. 1502-1


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