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Species / Varicospira Zuschini

Varicospira Zuschini


Original diagnosis:

  • "High spired, moderately slender Varicospira with short bodywhorl, convex teleoconch whorls and deep sutures. Regular, straight axial ribs crossed by delicate, regular spiral threads, being most prominent in the axial interspaces. Short siphonal canal, smooth outer lip with one stout spine. Very long, straight adapical canal crossing 2.3 teleoconch whorls."

Original description of Varicospira zuschini by Harzhauser, 2007:

  • "Medium-sized, moderately slender, high spired shell of 8 teleoconch whorls; protoconch unknown. Teleoconch whorls convex, sculptured by straight to feebly opisthocyrt, rounded axial ribs (18 on the last teleoconch whorl), separated by a deep, slightly wavy suture. Early teleoconch whorls develop two varices in more or less opposite position; later the varices are indistinct. The axial ribs become very prominent and angulated on the dorsal part of the bodywhorl but are indistinct on the ventral part close to the aperture and also insignificant but crowded close to the wing. A regular spiral pattern of spiral threads, separated by interspaces of equal width, appears between the axial ribs (13 spirals on the last teleoconch whorl). These ribs cross also the axial elements but are hardly visible there. On the bodywhorl, the spiral sculpture becomes dominating resulting in a cancellate sculpture close to the aperture and on the base. Base contracting rapidly terminating in a short, slightly twisted siphonal canal. Inner lip smooth, well demarcated from the base by a narrow furrow; outer lip thickened, flaring with shallow stromboid notch accompanied by a single stout spine. Adapical canal long, almost straight, crossing 2 teleoconch whorls and touching the lower third of the adjacent one."

Locus typicus: Karmah Pass at Duqm, Oman

Stratum typicum: Acropora bearing bioclastic limestones of the Warak Formation, Chattian, Oligocene

Holotype: NHMW 2006z0230/0001; width 18 mm, height 36 mm.

History and Synonymy


Hasani & Vaziri, 2011, p. 129:

  • "The species is characterized by having a high spire, moderately slender shell and short body whorl. Varicospira Zuschini reported for the first time from Upper Oligocen of Oman [26]. The specimens recovered from Khavich area, have slender outline than those reported from Oman and show early Miocene age for the sediments."


  • Harzhauser, 2007
  • M.J. Hasani & M.R. Vaziri, 2011. Early-Miocene Gastropods from Khavich Area, South of Sirjan, (Kerman, Iran): Biostratigraphy, Paleogeography and Paleoecology; Journal of Sciences, Islamic Republic of Iran 22(2): 125-133.

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