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Species / Varicospira Mordax

Varicospira Mordax


Locus typicus: Kembang Sokkoh, Java Island, Indonesia

Stratum typicum: West Progo Beds, lower Miocene

Rimella mordax (Martin, 1916); Syntypes; West Progo Beds, lower Miocene; Kembang Sokkoh, Java Island, Indonesia; in Leloux & Wesselingh, 2009; Coll. Naturalis Leiden nos. RGM 10328, 10324, 10325a, 47041a, 10326 and 10327a; Copyright Naturalis

History and Synonymy


Rimella sokkohensis in Martin, 1916: 247, pl. 2, fig. 50.


Description of Varicospira mordax (Martin, 1916) by Harzhauser:

  • "A variable species concerning outline and sculpture. Stout fusiform shell with strongly convex and slightly angulated teleoconch whorls. Dense pattern of sharp to weakly rounded axial ribs which are crossed by numerous spiral threads. The generally straight ribs tend to become sigmoidal along the angulation towards the incised sutures. Two indistinct varices appear per whorl, forming two near-continuous lines along the spire. Bodywhorl rapidly contracting. Aperture very narrow; inner lip very thick and well demarcated; outer lip flaring thickened and structured by blunt teeth. Adapical canal narrow, dorsally deflected and crossing at least the last teleoconch whorl. The axial sculpture on the bodywhorl is sometimes reduced, being than of the same strength as the spiral threads, thus resulting in a cancellate ornamentation. A deep concavity is formed between bodywhorl and outer lip, being ornamented by prominent spiral threads."

Original comment of Harzhauser:

  • "According to Hoek Ostende et al. (2002) Varicospira mordax and Varicospira sokkohensis (Martin 1916) are synonymous. Following this concept, the Omanian specimens range well within the variability of that species concerning outline and small size. A constant difference, however, is the higher number of axial ribs on the bodywhorl of the Omanian specimens. Therefore, the described shells might represent an Oligocene chrono-subspecies of the Miocene Javanese species."


  • Harzhauser, 2007
  • Hoek Ostende, L.W. van den, Leloux, J., Wesselingh, F.P. & Winkler Prins, C.F. (2002): Cenozoic Molluscan types from Java (Indonesia) in the Martin Collection (Division of Cenozoic Mollusca), National Museum of Natural History, Leiden. NNM Techn. Bull., 5: 1-130.
  • Martin, 1916

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