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Species / Veatchia


  • Veatchia Maury, 1912

Original Diagnosis of the Subgenus Veatchia by Maury, 1912, p. 90:

  • "A single fragment of a shell was found at Soldado Rock, Bed No. 2, which in general form resembles the subgenus Orthaulax Gabb. It differs, however, from the latter in a very curious characteristic which marks it as altogether sui generis. This differentiating character is the curving into loops of the posterior canal, which is adherent to the upper portion of the body whorl. In this respect the shell approaches the subgenus Calyptraphorus Conrad, in which the posterior canal makes one semicircular curve over the dorsal side of the body whorl. Thus the subgenus Veatchia lies in an intermediate position between the subgenera Orthaulax and Calyptraphorus. The writer dedicates this new subgenus to Mr. Arthur C. Veatch, of Washington, D. C, in pleasant memory of our geological work in Venezuela."


  • Veatchia Maury, 1912 [non Veatchia Kellogg, 1863 non Veatchia A. Gray (1884): plant names]

Type species Rostellaria (Veatchia) carolinae Maury, 1912 from Paleocene (?) of Trinidad and Tobago

Savazzi, 1989 placed it into Orthaulax

Comment Wieneke: "I think this belongs to Calyptraphorus


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  • C. J. Maury. 1912. A contribution to the paleontology of Trinidad. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 15:1-112
  • Savazzi, 1989b
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