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Species / Xenophora Carnatica


Original Description of Xenophora carnatica by Stoliczka, 1868, p. 247:

  • "Xenoph. testa trochiformi, late conica; anfractibus circiter septenis, planiusculis, regulariter crescentibus, marginibus anterioribus subcarinatis atque impressionibus corporum alienoram irregulariter instructis, striis spiralibus vix conspicuis sed striis incrementi distinctis notatis; basi ad peripheriam subcarinata, impressionibus irregulariter interrupta, paulo convexa, sublevigata, non umbilicata; apertura quadrangulari, per obliqua. Spiral angle 70; sutural angle 4. Height of one whorl : its width (cosd. as 1.00) 0.27."
  • "A small broadly conical shell, composed of about seven flattened and regularly increasing volutions, the anterior edge of which is sharpened, and more or less irregularly interrupted by the impressions of foreign objects, which are attached to it. The striae of growth are distinct, but there are very slight traces of a spiral striation perceptible. The basis is almost smooth, and gradually convex towards the centre, which is not umbilicated. The regularly conical form, the flat volutions with the impressions only on the anterior margin and the convexity of the basis are good characteristics of this shell."

Locality: "Comarapolliam, in lose siliceous sandstone; very rare."

Formation: "Arrialoor group"

Xenophora carnatica Stoliczka, 1868, pl. XIX, fig. 24, 24 a, 24 b

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