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Species / Xenophora Flindersi


Original description of Onustus flindersi by Cotton & Godfrey, 1938:

  • "Trochiform, medium size; white or yellowish, the basal ridges yellowish- brown ; growth lines strong, irregular, oblique, crossed by flexuous, curved, oblique striae; base with numerous, sharp-ridged, curved, granose ribs, with fine thread lines between, crossed by distinct spiral ribs; spire conical, slightly convex protoconch conic, whorls few, convex, smooth, polished, white, with marks where very small fragments have formerly adhered; adult whorls nine, the last keeled; base flat; aperture low, broad, interior porcellanous; outer lip produced above; inner lip reflexed, forming a thick, white, shining callus; juveniles narrowly umbilicate, adult shells without umbilicus; operculum squarish."

Locus typicus: Petrel Bay, St. Francis Island, Nuyts Archipelago, South Australia State, Australia

Xenophora flindersi (Cotton & Godfrey, 1938); Coll. Andrea Nappus

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