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Species / Xenophora Lindae


Original description of Xenophora lindae Petuch & Drolshagen, 2010:

  • "Shell small for genus, trochoidal, with flattened margins; spire flattened, broadly scalariform; dorsum ornamented with regularly spaced attached shells, with holotype having preferred Astarte and Cyclocardia shells; areas between attached shells with rough, slightly pebbled texture, often with low riblike crenulations; base of shell flattened, smooth, ornamented with numerous very faint, slightly incised spiral threads; aperture compressed, slit-like."

Locus typicus: Plum Point, Calvert County, Maryland State, USA

Stratum typicum: Shattuck Zone 10 of the Plum Point Member, Calvert Formation, Langhian, middle Miocene


  • Petuch & Drolshagen (2010) - Molluscan paleontology of the Chesapeake Miocene

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