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Species / Anchura Andersoni


Original Description of Anchura andersoni by Allison, 1955, p. 427

  • "Shell moderately small, high-spired; volutions nine or ten; sutures impressed; whorl profile sharply angled anteriorly from center, low; diameter of whorl about twice height; anterior canal extended, outer lip of aperture with posterior digitation fused to penultimate whorl, extending to at least center of that whorl; a slender digitation, probably moderately long and straight, extending perpendicularly outward from center of outer Iip, represents projection of main spiral carina; posterior portion of outer lip slightly turned back, thickened; inner lip with heavy callous; strong shoulder formed by main carina of body whorl, sharp, flanked anteriorly by a secondary carina; tertiary spiral ribs of body whorl distributed three posterior from main carina, two between main and secondary carinae, and six anterior from secondary carina; very fine spiral ribs over entire whorl surface; ornamentation of preceding whorls similar to that of body whorl or with about 15 strongly developed axial ribs giving whorl profile rounded rather than angular appearance."

Locus typicus: Punta China, Baja California State, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico

Stratum typicum: Alisitos Formation, (Albian/Aptian), middle Cretaceous

Holotype: UCMP 33745

Anchura (Anchura) andersoni Allison, 1955, pl. 44, fig. 3


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