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Species / Anchura Arenaria


Original Description of Rostellaria arenarum by Morton, 1834, p. 48:

  • "Specific character. Whorls four or five, with elevated, longitudinal costae, and broad, concave, intervenng spaces. Length, about an inch and a half. A variable species, casts of which are common throughout the blue marls."

Stratum typicum: "From the calcareous strata of Gloucester, New Jersey."

Locus typicus: "From the calcareous strata of Gloucester, New Jersey."

Rostellaria arenarum Morton, 1834, pl. 5, fig. 8

History and synonymy


Description of Anchura arenaria (Morton, 1834) in Weller, 1907:

  • "Shell rather strong and robust, about 50 mm. in length when complete and 24 mm. in width. Volutions probably four and one-half or five in number, strongly rounded, rapidly decreasing in size upward ; suture strongly marked ; aperture narrow, the lip unknown, the rostrum apparently quite short. Each volution marked by 10 or 12 vertical plications or folds, which are strongly marked upon the convex portion, but become obsolete towards the sutures above and below, while on the body volution they are not visible below the upper two-thirds, the lower third being destitute of markings. On the outer half of the last volution the folds are indistinct or obsolete ; the folds appear to have been somewhat sigmoidally curved in passing from above downward, being directed slightly forward below."
  • Localities: New Jersey, USA
  • Stratigraphy: Navesink Formation (Navesink marl), Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Anchura arenaria in Weller, 1907, pl. LXXXIII, fig 5


  • Morton, S.G. 1834. Synopsis of the organic remains of the Cretaceous group of the United States. Illustrated by nineteen plates. To which is added an appendix containing a tabular view ot the Tertiary fossils hitherto discovered in North America; Key & Biddle, Philadeplphia. 1-88, app. 1-8, pls. 1-19, Fulltext
  • Weller, 1907
  • Whitfield, 1892

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