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Species / Anchura Davisi

Original description of Drepanochilus davisi by Stephenson, 1941, p. 307:

  • "Shell of moderate size, turreted, apical angle about 25 degrees. Whorls 8 in the incomplete holotype, broadly convex on the sides. Suture closely appressed, moderately impressed. Protoconch not preserved. The 4 larger whorls of the holotype are ornamented with moderately prominent axial ribs whose trend describes a curve broadly concave toward the aperture; the ribs number about 20 on the largest whorl, are round-crested and are much narrower than the interspaces. The shell is further ornamented with numerous spiral ridges which override the axials and which consist of 8 relatively strong primaries, and 2 or 3 much smaller, somewhat uneven secondaries between each of the primaries. The sculpture is not well preserved on several of the smaller whorls at and near the apex. One incomplete fragment of a body whorl shows the axial ribs ending at the periphery which is sharply rounded; on the abruptly constricted base are 4 or 5 major, broadly rounded spiral ridges, the two outer ones of which are the largest and the three inner ones of which become progressively smaller toward the columella; both the ribs and interspaces are covered with numerous, somewhat uneven spiral threads. The outer lip and anterior canal are broken away; the inner lip is broadly excavated and forms a thin callus on the base."

Locus typicus: Vicinity of Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas, USA

Stratum typicum: Nacatoch sand, Navarro group, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Types: Holotype USNM 76958, Paratype USNM 76959

Drepanochilus davisi in Stephenson, 1941, pl. 57, fig. 13, 14


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