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Species / Anchura Denticulata

Anchura Denticulata


Original description of Anchura denticulata by Kiel & del Carmen Perrilliat, 2001

  • "The smooth and conical protoconch is 1.2 mm wide and high, comprises five volutions, the embryonic part measures 0.15 mm across. The teleoconch whorls are convex with axial or slightly transverse ribs crossed by five to six fine spiral lines. Two strong ribs develop on the last whorl next to the inner lip, after that the fourth spiral line evolves into a strong keel. The adapical spur is about one and a half whorls high; the inner lip is heavy callused. The diameter of the last whorl of the holotype is about 11 mm wide."

Locus typicus: Temalac, Guerrero State, Mexico

Stratum typicum: Mexcala Formation, late Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous


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