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Species / Anchura Pacifica


Original description of Anchura pacifica by Olsson, 1944

  • "Shell of medium size, fusiform with a slender, turrited spire; four whorls are preserved on the type, the apical whorls being missing; the body whorl is about half the length of the shell and is ornamented with a single, strong knoblike rib situated near the left side; the sculpture is cancellated on the spire whorls and formed by nearly equal ribs and spirals, the intersection of which is slightly nodded; the ribs have vanished on the last whorl (except for the single one placed near the left side), only the spiral sculpture remains which is formed by a series of few widely spaced stronger spirals and intermediate smaller ones; the spirals are more or less nodulated by the lines of growth; the outer lip has a long, narrow, spurlike form, the end of which has been broken away in the type; anterior canal straight; columella not exposed. Length of specimen (tip of spire and canal missing), 31 mm. Diameter of specimen (wing incomplete), 17.5 mm."

Locus typicus: La Tortuga, Piura Department, Peru

Stratum typicum: Radiolite Sandstone, Baculites Zone, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Anchura pacifica Olsson, 1944, pl. 14, fig. 4

Anchura pacifica Olsson, 1944; Holotype; Radiolite Sandstone, Baculites Zone, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous; La Tortuga, Piura Department, Peru; 18,9 mm; Coll. PRI no. 4943; Image reproduced courtesy of the Paleontological Research Institution.


  • Olsson, A.A., 1944: Contributions To the Paleontology of Northern Peru. Part VII. the Cretaceous of the Paita Region, Bulletins of American Paleontology, 28(111); Plate 14, fig. 7,8

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