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Species / Anchura Pennata


Original Description of Rostellaria pennata by Morton, 1834, p. 48:

  • "Specific character. Shell elevated, with about six convex volutions, and with obscure, oblique, longitudinal costae or undulations; body whorl ventricose; labrum expanded, sinuous."

Locus typicus: Alabama

Stratum typicum: Prairie Bluff of Alabama

Rostellaria pennata Morton, 1834, pl. xix, fig. 9

History and Synonymy


Johnson, 1905,p. 22:

  • "Anchura pennata (Morton)"
  • "I have been unable to positively determine the type of Rostellaria pennata Morton (Syn. Org. Rem., 48, pl. 19, f. 9). A specimen numbered (219) in Morton's handwriting (as most of his type are) agrees well with the description but not with the figure. It is a cast, and characteristic of the material from Prairie Bluff, Alabama. Three specimens (one nearly perfecr) from Snow Hill, North Carolina, which Conrad has doubtfully referred to this species, on an original label, but which he has described and figured erreneously as "Anchura rostrata Morton" (Kerr's Geol. N.C., App., 12, pl. 2, f. 28), with a reference to Gabb's description and figure of Alaria rostrata. It is an entirely different species from the one described by Gabb, having an expanded lip like that figured by me (Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci., 1898, p. 463, f. 3), the entire lip showing one or two small projections below. Whether the form figured by Conrad or the one figured by Whitfield (pl. 14, figs. 7, 8) is the R. pennata of Morton I am unable to say."


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