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Species / Anchura Whitneyensis

Original description of Anchura whitneyensis by Stephenson, 1952, p. 177:

  • ”Shell of medium size for the genus, high turreted, with spiral of angle of about 25°. Protoconch not preserved. Suture closely appressed, moderately impressed. Whorls 7 or 8, gently convex on the side, ornamented with spiral and axial ribs. The axials are dominant and number 14 or 15 on the penultimate whorl; They are gently concave toward the front in trend and from below upward are nearly direct or may be inclined a little backward; approaching the front of the body whorl of adults the axials become weaker and toward the outer lip are represented only by narrow, weak folds. The spiral ribs are small, numerous, closely crowded and on the larger whorls tend to alternate in size as new ones are added by intercalation; they completely cover the body whorl but die out as they pass out onto the expanded lip. The outer lip expands into a moderately broad, thick wing that project outward and curves upward into a moderately long-pointed, spurlike projection; in adults the lower margin of the wing is modified by a short elbowlike extension. On the body whorl of adults about half a turn back from the lip and 3 or 4 mm below the suture, a subangular spiral rib makes its appearance and extends forward with increasing strength, passing out onto the wing and upward on the spurlike projection; where the otherwise weak axials cross this ridge they are expanded into distinct nodes. The aperture is lanceolate above and passes below into short, narrow, twisted siphonal canal.

Locus typicus: Hillsboro road, 2 miles east of Whitney, Hill County, Texas, USA

Stratum typicum: Lewisville Member, Woodbine Formation, Cenomanian, upper Cretaceous

Dimensions: Holotype: height about 37 mm; diameter, exclusive of the expanded lip about 15 mm; including the expanded lip the diameter would be about 27 mm.

Original comment of Stephensen, 1952 about Anchura whitneyensis:

  • ”This species is preserved as external and internal molds in weathered ferruginous sandstone.

Anchura whitneyensis Stephenson, 1952, pl. 40, fig. 24 - 26

  • l: paratype USGS 14589 USNM 105829, rbber cast, from Lewisville member, Hillsboro road, 2 miles east of Whitney, Hill County loc. 3
  • m: holotype USNM 105828, rubber cast
  • r: paratype USGS 11836 USNM 105831, rubber cast


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