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Species / Aporrhais Granulosa

Aporrhais Granulosa


Rostellaria granulosa Müller, 1851, pl. III, fig. 27

History and Synonymy


Aporrhais granulata in Holzapfel, 1888, pl. XII, fig. 10

  • Remark: Holzapfel used the name granulata only for the plate. He points to Aporrhais granulosa in the text, which is Müllers name. So the name A. granulata is an error.

Aporrhais granulosa (Müller, 1851); Vijlen-member, Gulpen-Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous; Quarry ENCI, Meersen, The Netherlands; Coll. Ger Cremers


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