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Species / Arrhoges Paleocaenica

Arrhoges Paleocaenica


Original Comment of Rosenkrantz, 1970 about Arrhoges (Latiala) palaeocaenica:

  • "This new subgenus of Sohl (1960, p. 101) has hitherto only been met with in the uppermost Cretaceous but has a late representative in the Upper Danian of West Greenland showing a somewhat similar sculpture, a terminal thickening of the outer lip and no internal grooving of the lip. The Danian species differs from the Cretaceous species in having the bilobation of the outer lip less marked, in having a shorter rostrum and some faint spiral sculpture on body and whorls."

Locus typicus: Agatdalen, Central Nuussuaq, West Greenland

Stratum typicum: Danian, Paleocene

Arrhoges paleocaenica Rosenkrantz 1970; Holotype; Danian, Paleocene; Agatdalen, Central Nuussuaq, Greenland; Coll. Geological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark no. MMH 10808; Photo Sten Lennart Jacobsen
Coll. Geological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • A. Rosenkrantz (1970) – Marine Upper Cretaceous and Lowermost Tertiary deposits in West Greenland, Investigations before and since 1938, Medd. Dansk Geol. Foren. København. Bind 19 [1970], pp 406-453.
  • WoRMS Arrhoges paleocaenica

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