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Species / Barneystrombus


Orginal Description of Barneystrombus by Blackwood, 2009:

  • "Shell of medium size, reaching a maximum height of 78 mm consisting of 9 to 12 whorls, including 3 to 4.5 whorls of the protoconch. The whorls of the protoconch are smooth and glassy. Between the protoconch and the penultimate whorl, the spire is ornamented with axial riblets and fine spiral threads. Also present are up to 14 varices. Lacking is the presence of a pronounced subsutural cord. The shoulder of the body whorl is adorned with 3 to 9 blunt, uniform knobs. Smaller uniform knobs are also present on the shoulder of the penultimate whorl. The dorsal surface of the body whorl is mostly smooth, with spiral threads beginning to the left of mid-dorsum and continuing almost to the edge of the lip. The outer lip is moderately flared and the thickened edge is glazed only on the adapertural size. The rim of the outer lip is smooth and rises from the broad, moderately deep stromboid notch and runs adapically parallel to the long axis of the shell, before curving to the left (viewed ventrally) to form a moderately wide sinus and inserting onto the base of the spire, almost at the suture of the penultimate whorl. Columellar callus present, but not greatly thickened, and bears plicae over its entire length. These plicae may be weaker abapically. Interior of outer lip bears numerous lirae. The stromboid notch canal is wide and moderately deep. The siphonal canal is wide, elongated, and twisted slightly to the left (viewed ventrally). Aperture is of approximately equal width over entire length. The operculum typically stromboid in form, elongated, sickle-shaped, with a smooth convex edge."

Type species: Barneystrombus kleckhamae (Cernohorsky, 1971)

Included taxa:

  • l: Barneystrombus kleckhamae (Cernohorsky, 1971)
  • r: Barneystrombus boholensis (Mühlhäusser, 1981)

Etymology: Barneystrombus is named for Mr. Winston Barney, of Fort Worth, Texas, USA, a fellow student of the Strombidae who has been a major influence on my own study of the family.


  • Blackwood, T. 2009. Barneystrombus, a New Genus of Strombidae (Gastropoda) from the Indo-West Pacific, with Discussions of Included Taxa and the General Morphology of their Shells. Visaya. Sept. 2009. Vol. 2, No. 5. Pp. 11-17.

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