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Species / Canarium Ickeae


Original Description of Strombus (Canarium) ickeae by Beets, 1987, p. 21:

  • "The shell is rather plump, with 7 whorls preserved which show little ornament. Protoconch damaged. Of the earlier post-apical whorls present, two are rounded, subsequent whorls bearing a rounded angulation adapically to the middle. Sutural ramp of the younger whorls slightly concave, finally largely convex instead; five whorls bearing a spiral groove near the adapical suture which disappears on the body whorl. Axial ornament consisting of weak inflations which on the last two whorls grow into ribs, best developed on the periphery. A few of the inflations which stretch from suture to suture could be varices. Last whorl large, inflated, bearing a number of spiral striae opposite the aperture, the adapical ones weak, abapical striae better expressed. Columella adapically concave, abapically bearing a weak siphonal fasciole corresponding to the shallow siphonal notch, canal short. Inner lip well delimited, its edge adapically slightly callous and bearing a few weak granulations; also callous abapically to the middle and bearing a row of 12(?) short ridges. Outer lip thickened, its interior bearing numerous spiral ridges."

Locus typicus: "Sungai Gelingseh, layer 1, Gunung Batu anticline (loc. Bb, this paper)", Sangkulirang area, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia (East Borneo)

Stratum typicum: "Lower Gelingseh Beds s. str., exact horizon not known"

Types: "Holotype RGM 17 746; PI. 2, figs. 8-10; height 19.7 mm. Paratype RGM 312 035 (damaged specimen), loc. Bb"

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