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Species / Cultrigera Griffithsii


Original Description of Aporrhais griffithsii by Gardner, 1875, p. :

  • "Shell elongated and pupaeform, composed of eight very convex whorls, the last having a less diameter than is reqired to form a regular cone. The whorls have a central, salient, angular keel, and a second anterior keel conceals the suture; there is also a third and faintly marked keel anterior to the predominant one and midway between it and the suture. The keels are not visible in the first two or three whorls, but develope as they increase in size, all three keels being visible on the last and penultimate whorl. The whorls, except the last two, are ornamented with fine, transverse, oblique, acute, and angular ribs, wide apart, eight or nine on each whorl, which interrupt the median keel in crossing and form nodose tubercles. This ornamentation is most distinctly seen near the apex, where the keels are obsolete, and becomes less so in descending the spire. The last whorl is smoothly striated, having the three keels pronounced. The principal keel is prolonged into a narrow acutely angular process at right angles to the axis, till near its termination, where it curves gradually upwards, terminating in a fine point. A straight downward spike seems to correspond with the second keel. The anterior canal is longer than the spire, and is recurved abruptly to the left, as in A. cingulata. The aperture is narrow and angular, without encrustation."

Locus typicus: Folkestone, Kent County, South East Region, England

Stratum typicum: Gault, Albian, lower Cretaceous

Aporrhais griffithsii Gardner, 1875, pl. III, fig. 11, 12, 13, 14, 14a

Aporrhais griffithsii (Gardner, 1875); Gault, Albian, lower Cretaceous; Folkestone, Kent County, South East Region, England; Coll. BM(NH) no. G.66988; Copyright BM(NH)

Etymology: named after John Griffiths, a collector from Folkestone


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