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Species / Dimorphosoma Pleurospira


Original Description of Dimorphosoma pleurospira by Gardner, 1875, p. 397:

  • "Shell elongated; whorls 7 or 8, last two rounded, upper whorls angulated, possessing three keels. On the upper whorls the first keel is strong, salient, and tuberculated, with 9 or 10 tubercles on each whorl; the second keel is indistinct; the third is well marked and sutural; on the penultimate whorl the two keels assume about equal prominence, the upper one being still faintly tuberculated; the last whorl has all three keels well developed, the median one being least prominent. the wing appears to be strong, and projected slightly downward. The shell is unusually destitute of spiral striae. Under the microscope faint transverse structural lines are visible."

Locus typicus: Peasmarsh, East Sussex County, South East Region, England

Stratum typicum: "Lower Greensand", lower Cretaceous

Dimorphosoma pleurospira Gardner, 1875, pl. XII, fig. 3, 3a, 4

History and Synonymy


Casey, 1961 reports Dimorphosoma pleurospira from the Prodeshaysites fissicostatus zone of the Lower Aptian


  • R. Casey, 1961. The stratigraphical palaeontology of the Lower Greensand; Palaeontology, vol. 3(4), p. 487-621, Fulltext
  • Gardner, 1875

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