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Species / Euprotomus Chrysostomus


History and Synonymy

Euprotomus chrysostomus (Kuroda, 1942: 3-4, figs. 1-2) (Strombus)

  • Syn.: Strombus lamarckii Gray. Sowerby: 35 [in pars] pl. 9 fig. 88 [non Gray, 1826];
  • Syn.: Strombus aurisdianae. Reeve, 1851: pl. 15 fig. 36a [not fig. 36 b = E. aurisdianae]
  • Syn.: Strombus (Euprotomus) aratrum (Röding, 1798). Walls, 1980: 136 (in pars), not 135 top figs.;


Strombus Auris-Dianae in Reeve, 1851, pl. 15, fig. 36 a

Specimens from private collections

Euprotomus chrysostomus (Kuroda, 1942); Okinawa Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Ryukyu Islands, Japan, western Pacific Ocean; by diver from 7-8 m; 76 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Euprotomus chrysostomus (Kuroda, 1942); Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

  1. Cebu Island, Central Visayas Region, Philippines; 84,5 mmm; no. UW2385
  2. Dingo Beach, Queensland State, north east Australia; in sand & rubble, at very low tide; 62,5 mm; no. UW2384
  3. Kimbi Bay, north coast of New Britain Island, Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea; in shallow weedy lagoon; 84,8 mm; no. UW2387
  4. Euprotomus aratrum; Pumpkin Island, Keppel Bay, Queensland State, north east Australia; on sand, intertidal; 91,5 mm; no. UW2386

Distribution of Euprotomus chrysostomus is Philippines to the Ryukyu Islands refering to Kreipl, 1999. This means, that 2 and 3 are not belonging to E. chrysostomus. They seem to belong to Euprotomus aratrum. Any discussion on that, especially with underlying genetical data are helpful.


  • Kuroda, T., 1942. On the Japanese species of Strombus of the group Euprotomus, with descriptions of two new species. Venus 12(1-2): 1-8.

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