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Species / Euprotomus


Euprotomus Gill , 1870: 131. Type species by monotypy: Strombus aurisdianae Linnaeus, 1758.

Original Description of Euprotomus by Gill, 1870:

  • "The "entirely lateral" sinus contrasts with the anterior position characteristic of the genus Euprotomus (St. auris-dianae, etc.), in which the expansion of the lip and deflection of the anterior portion of the shell and revolving striae throw it entirely forwards." (The description is hidden in a footnote in an article on Lambis)

The species of Euprotomus are:

Known Hybrids of Euprotomus are

References on Euprotomus hybrids:

  • Kronenberg, 1999
  • Kronenberg, 2002 Addendum to a revision of Euprotomus Gill, 1870. 2a. On the identity of Strombus hirasei Kuroda, 1942 (Gastropoda Prosobranchia: Strombidae). – The Festivus 34(9): 110.
  • Kuroda, T., 1942 .On the Japanese species of Strombus of the group Euprotomus, with descriptions of two new species. Venus 12: 1-8
  • Liverani, V., 2002. Hybridization in Euprotomus (Gastropoda, Strombidae) a new record. – The Festivus 34(5): 57-59.


  • Euprotomus lives mainly infaunal. It has an elongated and dorsally-bent anterior canal for an inhalant current and a posterior sinus for the exhalant current (Savazzi, 1988; Savazzi, 1991)

History and Synonymy

Euprotomus Gill, 1870: 131 (footnote) Type species by Monotypy: Strombus aurisdianae Linnaeus, 1758

  • Syn.: Monodactylus Herrmannsen, 1847 [non Lacépčde, 1800]
  • Syn.: Eustrombus Nomura & Zinbô, 1936: caption of pl. 9 (probably err. pro Euprotomus; the name Eustrombus is not available from Nomura & Zinbô (ICZN Art. 13.1) Eustrombus Wenz, 1940 is an available name)
  • Syn.: Euplonotus Shikama, 1963: caption of pl. 26, figs 9, 11 (err. pro Euprotomus)
  • Syn.: Eupronotus Shikama, 1963: caption of pl. 26, fig. 12 (err. pro Euprotomus)
  • Syn.: Eutrotomus Katto & Masuda, 1993: 16 (err. pro Euprotomus) (†)


Monodactylus Herrmannsen, 1847 is a homonyn of Monodactylus Lacepede, 1800


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