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Species / Euprotomus Hawaiensis


Original Description of Strombus hawaiensis by Pilsbry, 1918, p. 329:

  • "The shell is turrited, speckled or mottled, and on the back of the expanded lip banded with white. The last 4 or 5 whorls are angular midway between sutures on the spire, and at the shoulder of the last whorl. The earlier whorls are rounded. Nucleus smooth: three following whorls having many low, narrow axial folds crossed by spiral threads; on the subsequent whorls the folds weaken above the angle and become nodular upon it; the slope above the angle becomes concave. On the last two whorls the axial folds disappear and the nodules become stronger. The spiral cords on the last whorl are strong and subequal below the nodules, weak above them. A lump precedes the anterior sinus of the outer lip. The lip expands, and is produced upward in a long straight process, as in S. aratrum. The aperture is white within, striate, especially above and below, the striae being weaker in the middle. The thick outer lip is tinged with brown at the edge. The callous of the inner lip and ventral face is white, with a faint brown tint on the convexity, but no chestnut blotch. Other characters about as in S. aratrum."

Locus typicus: "The type locality is Pearl and Hermes Reef, Hawaiian Chain." (Abbott, 1960, p. 132)

Types: "The holotype is in the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu. It was collected by Lt. W.H. Munter. One beachworn paratype in ANSP no. 46724." (Abbott, 1960, p. 132)

Strombus hawaiensis Pilsbry, 1918, pl. 22, fig. 1, 2

History and Synonymy

Euprotomus hawaiensis (Pilsbry, 1918: 329, pl. 22 figs 1, 2) (Strombus)

  • syn.: Strombus hawaiiensis Tinker, 1952:52 [err pro hawaiensis]


Abbott, 1960, p. 132:

  • "Habitat - Lives on sand and coral rubble bottom from 3 to 21 fathoms."

Specimens from private collections

Euprotomus hawaiensis (Pilsbry, 1918); Waianae, Honolulu County, Oahu Island, Hawaii Islands, USA; on hard reef at night in 50 ft; 62,9 mm; Coll. Virgilio Liverani no. 707-01/1

Euprotomus hawaiensis (Pilsbry, 1918); Oahu Island, Hawaii Islands, USA; in sand pad in Pinna bed; t: 82 mm, b: 72 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Euprotomus hawaiensis (Pilsbry, 1918); Nanakuli, Honolulu County, western Oahu Island, Hawaii Islands, USA; at 60 ft. half buried in sand, by scuba diver; 1/1987; 114,7 mm; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 5687

Euprotomus hawaiensis (Pilsbry, 1918); Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

  1. Hawaii Islands, USA; by diver, at 25 m; 85,3 mm; no. UW2383
  2. South Oahu, Hawaii Islands, USA; on top of sand, after storm, at 110 ft; 12/2004, 56,5 mm; no. UW2380
  3. West shore of Oahu, Hawaii Islands, USA; crabbed, juvenile, at 120 ft; 60,3 mm; no. UW2382
  4. Eastern island of Midway Islands, USA; on the beach; 85,5 mm; no. UW2381

Living Specimens

Strombus vomer hawaiiensis (Pilsbry, 1918); living, in aquarium; Oahu Island, Hawaii Islands, USA; Photo & Copyright David Lum


  • Abbott, 1960
  • Pilsbry, H.A., 1918. Marine mollusks of Hawaii IV-VII. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia [for 1917] 69: 309-333, Fulltext

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