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Species / Euprotomus Iredalei

Euprotomus Iredalei


Original Description of Strombus vomer subspecies iredalei by Abbott, 1960:

  • "S. vomer iredalei has an exterior which is less shiny and more rugose (as S. vomer vomer), with the body whorl bearing 2 to 4 fairly strong spiral rows of coarse beads or poorly developed knobs below the row of small, somewhat even-sized pointed knobs at the shoulder. The spiral cord just below the suture bears numerous , elongate beads. Interior of aperture whitish with numerous spiral, white lirae of unequal size and with 2 or 3 of these at the upper end being much larger than the others. Lower half of parietal wall and columella strongly swollen, cream, tan or rarely brownish orange, and usually with small rugae on the inner, lower end. Parietal wall not glazed over at the center, but may be bordered with brownish markings. The outer lip may be somewhat flaring or turned inward. The nuclear and early whorls are whitish to pinkish but otherwise like those of hawaiensis. Radula similar to that of vomer vomer, its formula 2-1-2; 1-4 (also 1-3); 5; 5. Verge not observed.

Locus typicus: Australia

Etymology: Named after Tom Iredale, Sidney, Australia

History and Synonymy

Euprotomus iredalei (Abbott, 1960: 133, pl. pl. 14, figs. 11-12) [new name for Strombus australis Gray non Schröter, 1805] (Strombus (Euprotomus) vomer iredalei)

  • Syn.: Strombus australis Gray, 1826: 489-490;
  • Syn.: Strombus australis Sowerby 2nd, 1842: 36, pl. 9 figs 96, 97;


Strombus australis in Kiener, 1843, pl. ?, fig. 1


Strombus australis in Reeve, 1851, Strombus, pl. 14, fig. 34

Euprotomus iredalei (Abbott, 1960); Cape Preston near Roebourne, Pilbara Region, Western Australia, Australia; 9/1967; 79,2 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke no. UW2374

Euprotomus iredalei (Abbott, 1960); Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

  • t: Dampier Area, Australia; low tide, sand & rubble of reef; 52,7 mm; no. UW2377
  • m: Cape Bossut, Australia; low tide on reef; 58,1 mm; no. UW2376
  • b: Broome, Australia; in sand, near reef; 5/2002; 57,6 mm; no. UW2379

Euprotomus iredalei (Abbott, 1960); Broome, Kimberley Region, Western Australia, Australia; at low tide; t: 63 mm, b: 48 mm; Coll. Paul Kanner

Euprotomus iredalei (Abbott, 1960); freak shells; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

  1. West Australia; shallow water; 1/1983; 70,3 mm; no. UW2375
  2. Broome, Australia; in sand, near reef; 5/2002; 51,1 mm; no. UW2378



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