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Species / Fasciolaria Calappa
  • Fasciolaria calappa Olsson, 1934

Original Description of Fasciolaria ? calappa by Plsson, 1934, p. 70:

  • "Shell large, solid, volutiform; spire elevated, about one-third the length of the shell; nucleus and early spire-whorls unknown; the body-whorl is large with a strong shoulder keel between which and the suture there is a wide, flattened or concave area; on the body-whorl, the shoulder is a heavily carinated ridge, below which the face of the whorl is slightly contracted; surface of shell smooth or ornamented only by growth-lines; character of inner and outer lip unknown. Height 128.00 mm.; diameter 93.00 mm."

Locus typicus: Monte Grande, Piura Department, Peru

Stratum typicum: Monte Grande Formation, late Cretaceous

Olsson, 1934:

  • "Remarks. There are several worn and imperfect specimens of this peculiar species in our collection. In form the shell resembles certain types of the Volutidae but the columellar wall exposed on a broken, adult specimen is smooth or shows no traces of folds and plaits. The shell also resembles the aberrant genus Thersitea Coquand (genotype, Thersitea gracilis Coq.) of the North African Eocene by its strongly thickened shoulder keel but it differs by its non-contracted anterior canal and outer lip. Until more perfect specimens are known, this very characteristic species of the Monte Grande formation, is referred tentatively to Fasciolaria.

Fasciolaria ? calappa Olsson, 1934, pl. 4, fig. 2

this might belong to Dilatilabrum or Thersiteidae, see also Strombus burhinus

History and Synonymy


Olsson, 1944, p. 101:

  • "The Fasciolaria ? calappa Olsson from Monte Grande should probably be referred to the genus Lissapiopsis Imlay based on Lissapiopsis unicarinata Imlay from upper Cretaceous, Difunta formation of Mexico. Imlay considered this genus of large, shouldered gasteropods as related to Melongena but the group shows equally close resemblance to some members of the Strombidae."
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