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Species / Gibberulus Praegibberulus


Strombus (Canarium) praegibberulus (Abrard, 1947); Syntypes; Pliocene; Nua river, Malekula Island, Vanuatu Archipelago (formerly New Hebrides), South Pacific Ocean; Coll. MNHN no. A26978; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris

History and Synonymy


Comment Ladd, 1972, p. 62:

  • "This comparatively high spired form (length 35 mm, diameter 17 mm) of the New Hebrides (Nua River, Island of Malekula; age, Pliocene) was believed by Abrard (1946) to be ancestral to Strombus gibberulus. Abbott (1960) referred it questionably to the living form. After examining the types, I follow Abrard in recognizing it as a distinct species."


  • Abrard, R. 1947. Fossiles néogènes et quaternaires des Nouvelles-Hébrides (Missions E. Aubert de La Rüe, 1934-1936) Annales de Paléontologie, t. 32, 1-112
  • Cernohorsky, 1965
  • Ladd, 1972

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