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Species / Gibberulus


Gibberulus Jousseaume 1888: 174 [as genus in Muricidae]

Type Species by Original Designation (monotypy) Strombus gibberulus Gmelin [= Strombus gibberulus Linnaeus, 1758]

Species of Gibberulus:

might belong to Gibberulus

putative hybrid

History and Synonymy


Abbott, 1960, p. 141:

  • "Typical gibberulus is the largest (usually about 55 mm. in length, but ranging from 30 to 70 mm.); the outer Shell is a drab yellowish to grayish tan with numerous fine spiral lines of White; when the columella has coloration, it is always limited to a faint purple well within the aperture; the spiral raised threads are usually pronounced on the varix of the last whorl. One out of several hundred specimens seen from East Africa had a rose-tinted mouth, others being purple-tinted."
  • "The subspecies gibbosus, confined to the Pacific Ocean, is smaller (usually about 40 mm. in length, but ranging from 28 to 55 mm.); the outer Shell is commonly banded or flecked with bright-yellows and Browns; when the columella has coloration, the purple-brown, elongate splotch is always in full view; the spiral threads over the varix of the last whorl are usually weak or absent."
  • " The subspecies albus from the Red Sea is proportionally wider, has an appearance of being more distorted, is usually milk-White on the outside and the interior of the outer lip is a strong rose."


  • Abbott, 1960
  • Jousseaume, F., 1888. Description des mollusques receullis par M. le Dr. Faurot dans la Mer Rouge et le Golfe d’Aden. Mémoires de la Société zoologique de France 1: 164-223

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