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Species / Gymnarus Auriculatus

Gymnarus Auriculatus


Original description of Pugnellus auriculatus by Woods, 1906:

  • "Shell stout, fusiform, consisting of seven convex whorls with deep sutures. Spire forming about a quarter of the entire length of the shell. Spiral angle about 80º. Spire and posterior part of last whorl conical. The whorls near the apex are rounded; the others are sub-angular-the angle being in front of the middle of the whorls. The posterior part of the sub-angular whorls is flattened, and bears, just in front of the suture, a spiral ridge which becomes more prominent on the last than on the earlier whorls. The anterior part of the last whorl is large and slightly convex. The whorls, with the exception of those near the apex, are ornamented with very strong, rounded, nearly straight, transverse ribs; on the penultimate and last whorls these ribs become more prominent at the angle of the whorl and on the spiral ridge in front of the suture. On the last whorl the ribs may be continued for a short distance in front of the angle but are less prominent, and bend towards the aperture. Between the ribs fine growth-lines occur. Aperture rather long, becoming somewhat narrower in front. Anterior canal rather long, with thick walls, nearly straight, but with the extremity bent inwards to form a small, pointed projection. Outer lip thick, wing-like, with a stout lobe projecting beyond the level of the last suture, and with a deep posterior notch separating the lobe from the rest of the lip. Externally the lobe is channelled, and in front of it there is a sinuosity. Inner lip forms a large, thick, rounded mass of callus, which extends across the whorls nearly to the apex of the spire."

Locus typicus: Pondoland Region, South Africa

Stratum typicum: Campanian (Riedel, 1932), upper Cretaceous

Pugnellus auriculatus in Woods, 1906, pl. XXXVIII, fig, 15 a,b

Specimen from institutional collections

Gymnarus auriculatus; Umsamba (?), South Africa; 29 mm; Coll. SAM no. P11335

Gymnarus auriculatus; Umsamba (?), South Africa; 33 mm; Coll. SAM no. 4787

Strombus (Pugnellus) auriculatus; Cretaceus; Satria, 60 km east of Toliara (formerly Tuléar), Atsimo-Andrefana Region, southern Madagascar; Coll. MNHN no. R06534, Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris

Strombus (Pugnellus) auriculatus difformis; Cretaceus; Satria, 60 km east of Toliara (formerly Tuléar), Atsimo-Andrefana Region, southern Madagascar; 39 mm; Coll. MNHN no. R06513, Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris


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