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Species / Gymnarus Manubriatus


Original description of Pugnellus manubriatus by Gabb, 1864:

  • "Shell small, rather thin; spire moderately high; whorls six, rounded; suture distinct. Mouth long, narrow, very acute posteriorly; canal wide, straight, not very deeply notched; outer lip with a square callus, prolonged above into a long, slightly curved hook; the notches above and below the origin of the callus are well marked, the lower one being somewhat variable; the margin of the lip is thickened along its whole length; inner lip heavily incrusted, the layer being prolonged so as to cover the whole ventral face of the shell to the apex. Surface marked by numerous sinuous ribs, extending from the suture about two-thirds of the distance towards the anterior end."

Locus typicus: Cottonwood Creek, Siskiyou County, California, USA.

Stratum typicum: Cenomanian, upper Cretaceous

Pugnellus manubriatus in Gabb, 1864, pl. XXIX, fig. 229, 229a

History and Synonymy


Pugnellus manubriatus in Gabb, 1868 p. 139, pl. 13

Pugnellus (Gymnarus) manubriatus in Gabb, 1868, pl. 13, fig. 4, 5


Gymnarus manubriatus in Tryon, 1883, p. 190, pl. 60, fig. 73


Pugnellus manubriatus in Cossmann, 1904, p. 37


Pugnellus manubriatus in Stewart, 1927, p. 358, pl. XX, figs. 10, 11, 12


Pugnellus manubriatus in Anderson, 1958, p. 167


Pugnellus manubriatus in Sohl, 1960, p. 112, 115


Gymnarus manubriatus in Jones, Sliter & Popenoe, 1978, pl. 1, fig. 11


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