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Species / Labiostrombus Denti


Original Description of Strombus (Labiostrombus) denti by Cox, 1948:

  • "Shell moderately large, with an elevated, conical spire, the angle of which is about 38 degrees, and a rather slender last whorl which (apart from the wing) occupies well over two-thirds of the total height. Protoconch conoidal, consisting of three smooth, feebly convex whorls. Succeeding whorls 9 in number, moderately convex and with a well-rounded shoulder up to the penultimate, the convexity diminishing and the shoulder disappearing on the last. The last whorl is very broadly convex at the periphery, and tapers almost evenly to its anterior extremity, with the concavity in its outline at the origin of the neck scarcely defined; its rostrum-like extremity is curved in dorsal direction and also points slightly to the right, projecting well below the lowest point of the wing. The suture retains its normal inclination until it meets, fairly abruptly, the border of the wing, which crosses, in an only slightly oblique direction, the penultimate and proceeding whorls (viewed dorsally) and reaches to just above the upper suture of the latter. The wing is rather narrow in proportion to its height, with a rather sharp and somewhat reflected margin which sweeps round in a broad curve posteriorly to meet the spire, and has a rather prominent, blunt anterior projection separated by two broad sinuses. Posteriorly, the wing encloses a somewhat sinuous apertural canal of moderate depth, bordered on its inner side by a narrow, thick deposit of callus. The inner side of the wing is completely smooth, but has a wide groove parallel with and about 8 mm from its margin. The inner lip has a narrow, moderately thick, distinctly margined coating of callus, which gives it a slight convexity, and is smooth except for a few irregular wrinkles bordering the posterior canal. The spire whorls are ornamented with narrow and not very prominent axial ribs and occasional varices, separated by interspaces of variable width in which very faint spiral threads are visible. A not very prominent sutural band is delimited below by aspiral groove. The last whorl is unornamented except for this band, a short, depressed rib on its dorsal side about one-third of a volution from the border of the wing, and traces of spiral striae on its anterior region."

Locus typicus: Dent Peninsula, Sungei Togopi, Northern Borneo, Malaysia

Stratum typicum: Togopi formation, Pliocene

Measurement of the Holotype: Height (allowing for missing apex) 90,5 mm

Labiostrombus denti Cox, 1948; Holotype; upper Miocene or Pliocene; Dent Peninsula, Sungei Togopi, Northern Borneo, Malaysia; Coll. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel no. H14402; Photo Virgilio Liverani

Etymology: named after A. Dent, a past administrator of British North Borneo

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