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Species / Labiostrombus Schroederi


Original Description of Canarium (Labiostrombus) schroederi by Wissema, 1947, p. 95:

  • "Shell rather large, thick, spire rather high conical. Whorls not very convex at first, than carinated at or before the middle. The sculpture consists only of axial ribs, which start early and are bent sharply on the carina. Usually they diminish on the antepenultimate whorl. The penultimate whorl is smooth except for fine plicae near the hindmost suture, which still indicate the former ribs. The last volutions are only slightly convex with a depression in front of the suture. The only spiral element in the sculpture consists of a small groove in the older whorls, which soon gets less sharp and results in the just mentioned depression. The suture is well marked by a thickening along the forward border, which in the older volutions has the form of a spiral cord through the groove before it. On the older whorls several conspicuous, rounded varices are distributed irregularly. The body whorl is not very strongly shouldered. It is smooth but for numerous fine, shallow, axial grooves and fine spiral lines on the canal. The dorsal part of the bodywhorl has a blunt knob in some of the specimens, in others e.g. the holotype it is lacking. At the back the aperture is turned sharply backward. The notch between the inner and outer lip ends on the penultimate whorl and only in extreme cases reaches the suture. The hindmost sinus is very shallow, the foremost broad and deep. Between them the edge of the outer lip is thickened. The innerside is smooth too. The canal is turned a bit to the left and dorsally."

Canarium (Labiostrombus) schroederi (Wissema, 1947); pl. 4, fig. 111, 112

Canarium (Labiostrombus) schroederi (Wissema, 1947); Holotype; Pleisto-Pliocene; Nias Island, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia; Coll. Naturalis Leiden

Canarium (Labiostrombus) schroederi (Wissema, 1947); Paratype; Pleisto-Pliocene; Nias Island, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia; Coll. Naturalis Leiden

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