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Species / Lobatus Galeatus


Original Description of Strombus galeatus by Swainson, 1823, p. 401:

  • "S. testa magna, ventricosa, inermi, transversim sulcata; spira brevissima; labio exteriore integro, supra rotundato, dilatato, in spiram ascendente."
  • "Shell large, ventricose, unarmed, transversely grooved ; spire very short; outer lip entire, above rounded, dilated, and ascending on the spire."

Locus typicus: "coast of Peru" (Swainson)

Types: Lectotype: ex J. Broderip Collection, No. 784, B.M.(N.H.) No. 1837.12.1.784; paralectotype: juvenile, ex Cracherode Collection No. 408, B.M.(N.H.) No. 1969332

History and Synonymy

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823: 401) (Strombus)

  • Syn.: Strombus crenatus Sowerby 1st, 1825 appendix: 19
  • Syn.: Strombus galea Wood, 1828: 14, pl. 3 figs 13 [adult] 14 [juvenile]


Original Description of Strombus crenatus by Sowerby, 1825:

  • "S. testa subovata, ventricosa, laevi, spira brevi, mucronata, anfractibus prope suturas elevatiusculis, demum late depressis, parte inferiore et ventricosiore profunde transversim sulcata; apertura ampla, labio externo expanso, margine plicato, crenato; long. 7 1/2 unc. lat. 5 1/2 unc."
  • Locus typicus: No locality by Sowerby, 1825
  • Stratum typicum: recent


Strombus galea Wood, 1828: pl. 3 figs 13 [adult] 14 [juvenile]

Wood, 1828, p. 14 listed only the name.


Strombus galeatus in Kiener, 1843, fig. ?


Strombus galeatus in Duclos, 1844, pl. 26, fig. 1

Strombus galeatus in Duclos, 1844, pl. 27, fig. 1


Strombus galeatus in Reeve, 1850, Strombus, pl. 3, fig. 3


Strombus galeatus in Tryon, 1885. Man. Conch., Vol. 7, p. 108, pl. 1, fig. 6


Strombus galeatus in Stearns, 1894. Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus., vol. 17, p. 190


Strombus galeatus in Mabille, 1895. Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, ser. 8, vol. 7, p. 57


Hanna, G.D. 1926, p. 454 on Strombus galeatus:

  • "Most of these specimens have weathered out as internal casts, but size and shape are so nearly identical with living ones of this abundant Gulf of Calfornia species that they are unhesitatingly classed as the same."
  • Localities, p. 438 ff.:
    • 738: From two small washs on the west side of the cut made by the stream in which No. 737 is located, at the base of Coyote Mountain, Imperial County, California, west of the road from Coyoe Wells to Carrizo Spring via Coyote Mountain; W.S.W. Kew, W.E. English and J.P. Buwalda, colls. (This locality is in a branch of Alverson Canon, Original Nos. 4 and 55.)
    • 680: Alverson Canon, Coyote Mountain, Imperial County, California; from coarse sandy limestone above coral reef.
    • 682: From the first narrow, box canon east of Alverson Canon, Coyote Mountain, Imperial County, California.
    • 701: A miscellaneous collection of fossils received without definite locality data, other than Coyote State Mining Bureau, collected by Dr. Stephen Bowers
    • 3923: Alverson Canon, on the south side of Coyote Mountain, Imperial County, California; Stephen Bowers and W.C. Mendenhall, colls.; 1904 (Original No. 164)
  • Pliocene


Hanna & Hertlein, 1927, p. 143 report Strombus galeatus from the following pliocene localities:

  • Santa Antonita Point, Loc. 795 (C.A.S.)
  • Coronados Island, Loc. 796 (C.A.S.)
  • Carmen Island, Locs. 798; 830 (C.A.S.)
  • Ceralbo Island, Loc. 844 (C.A.S.)


Grant & Gale 1931, p. 756 about Strombus galeatus:

  • "This is a large species with the aperture elongated so that the spire appears relatively low."
  • Localities:
    • Pliocene: Imperial formation of Coyote Mountain, Imperial County (Hanna); Santa Antonita Point, Coronados Island, Carmen Island, and Ceralbo Island, Gulf of California, Mexico (Hanna and Hertlein),
    • Recent: Gulf of California, Mexico (Stearns); Panama to Mazatlan, Acapulco (Tryon)


Strombus galeatus in JORDAN (1936), Contributions from the Department of Geology of Stanford University, vol. 1, p. 114.


Strombus galeatus SOWERBY in SMITH (1944), Panamic Marine Shells, p. 20, no. 214.


Strombus galeatus in Durham, 1950 Hypotype no. 30643 (loc. A 3582)

Specimens from institutional collections

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); Montezuma Formation, Pliocene/Pleistocene; Cocolita 1, 5 km NE Montezuma, Puntarenas, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, Pacific coast; P. Hessel, 1995, Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp no. SSS25668

Specimens from private collections

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); Tumbes, Perú; by diver at 7 m, sand and Little rocks bottom; 224 mm; 8/2015; Coll. Eduardo Palacios

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); Tumbes, Perú; 213 mmColl. Eduardo Palacios

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); Puerto Pizarro, Tumbes, Perú; May 2016, diver, 6 mt. depth, sand bottom; 200 mm; Coll. Eduardo Palacios

Lobatus galeatus (Swainson, 1823); juvenile; San Salvador, Central America; 127 mm; Leg. Peter Laging 08’2003; Ex-coll. Peter Schultz; Coll. Roland Hoffmann


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  • Hanna, G.D. & Hertlein, L.G. 1927. Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Gulf of California in 1921; Geology and Paleontology Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci., ser. 4, vol. 16, 137-157, pl. 5, Fulltext
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  • G. B. Sowerby, 1825: A catalogue of the shells contained in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville, arranged according to the lamarckian conchological system, together with an appendix, containing descriptions of many new species, London
  • Swainson, W. 1823

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