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Species / Oostrombus Cedroensis


Original Description by Clark, 1946:

  • "Shell coniform, sides of body whorl nearly straight, with slight constriction near anterior third, growth line showing no evidence of a stromboid notch; upper portion of spire acute (most of it not oreserved), lower portion much less so; sutures of posterior whorls appressed, channeled on anterior 3 whorls; apical whorls sculptured by series of moderately heavy longitudinal ribs which extend from suture to suture; 25-30 ribs on the first preserved apical whorl; these are crossed by several spiral riblets; ornamentation of whorls anterior to this hidden by callus growth which covers tops of whorls but not sutures; on body whorl callus not only covers top of whorl but forms narrow fringe below angulation of shoulder; main portion of body whorl below angulation of shoulder appears to have been smooth; few spirals, however, on area anterior to constriction; aperture narrow with sides nearly parallel; outer lip broken; inner lip entirely covered by heavy callus growth which is much heavier on posterior portion above constriction; on this area are several small protuberances and 2 low irregular ridges; anterior siphonal notch shallow."

Locus typicus: Arroyo Mancomojan near El Cedro, Magdalena Department, Colombia

Stratum typicum: uppermost Eocene

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