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Species / Oostrombus



Original Description of the genus by Sacco, 1893:

  • "Testa inflata, ovato-rotundata, obesa, interdum varicosa. Spira acuta. Anfractus laeves, gibbosi. Labium externum subalatum."

Type species: Strombus problematicus Michelotti, 1861

Oostrombus species are:

might also belong to Oostrombus:


  • Oostrombus was reranked as Canarium (Oostrombus) and belongs to Canarium according to Karagiuleva, 1964.
  • Bandel, 2007 places Oostrombus into the family Thersiteidae


  • Karagiuleva, J. D. 1964. Iskopaemaya fauna Bolgariya, 6a: Paleogene Molluski [Fossil fauna of Bulgaria, part 6a: Paleogene Mollusca], Academie des Sciences de Bulgarie, 270 p.
  • Oppenheim, P. 1896. Die Eocaenfauna des Monte Postale bei Bolca im Veronesischen; Palaeontographica, vol. 43, p. 125-222, pls. XII-XIX, fulltext
  • Sacco, 1893
  • Savazzi, 1991

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