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Species / Orthaulax Pugnax


Original Description of Wagneria pugnax by Heilprin, 1887 as cited by Cooke, 1922:

  • "Shell irregularly oval, obconical, flattened, the flattened appearance being due to three irregular swellings or knobs, one of which immediately adjoins the anteriorly directed fissure of the aperture; aperture narrow, projected forward (in its upper course) as a closely compressed fissure, which in a crescential cirve ascends to within a comparatively short distance of the apex of the spire; outer lip ? (broken in specimen); inner lip largely developed, completely concealing the whorls of the spire, and duplicating for a very considerable extent the outer lip; spire freely inclosed in a pointed superstructure, or dome, built over it by an extension of the mantle; surface covered with longitudinal lines of growth, which extend continuously from the apex to the base."

Orthaulax pugnax in Dall, 1890, pl. VIII, fig. 5 (type), 8

Orthaulax pugnax has a relatively low spire and seems to be a synonym of Orthaulax inornatus (Vokes & Vokes, 1968).

Geologic occurrence:

  • Flint River Formation, upper Oligocene; Georgia, USA
  • Tampa Limestone, lower Miocene; Florida, USA


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