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Species / Persististrombus Chipolanus

Persististrombus Chipolanus


Original description of Strombus chipolana by Dall, 1890:

  • "Shell with nine or ten whorls, of which about two are small, smooth and nuclear, the others ribbed, varicose, tuberculate and spirally sculptured; early whorls with twelve or more narrow, rounded ribs, gradually becoming angular, tuberculate, larger, and finally tubercles pure and simple, of which there are nine or ten on the shoulder of the last whorl, the last or penultimate being the most prominent of all; spiral sculpture of rounded threads, becoming gradually obsolete, and on the last whorl narrower and more distant than in S. aldrichi in most cases, but varying much as in that species; spire variable in height, sometimes high and slender as in the silex-fossil figured, but generally much the same proportions as in S. aldrichi; last whorl attenuated anteriorly; shoulder less excavated and less regular than in aldrichi, usually with two more prominent threads in front of the somewhat appressed suture; outer lip widest behind, little ascending, not reaching the suture at the beginning of the last whorl; commissure deep, narrow, not grooved ; there is no subsutural ridge, but on the body behind are four or five lirae; outer lip angulated and widest at the shoulder, simple, a row of small, short lirae within it as in dwarf specimens of S. bituberculatus; pillar with a thin callus, sharply recurved in front with a distinct fasciole; canal narrow, much recurved, obliquely truncate; genital sulcus distinct; last whorl sometimes wavy on the back as in S. integer."

Locus typicus: Ballast Point silex-beds, Tampa, Florida, USA

Stratum typicum: Chipola Formation and Ballast Point silex Beds, Miocene

Strombus chipolana Dall, 1890, pl. 4, fig. 1

Specimens from private collections

Persististrombus chipolanus (Dall, 1890); Chipola Formation (Burdigalian), Miocene; Ten Mile Creek, Calhoun County, Florida, USA; 56 mm; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

Persististrombus chipolanus (Dall, 1890); Chipola Formation (TU 546 - basal beds), Miocene; Ten Mile Creek, Calhoun County, Florida, USA; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp no. SSS 29684

Strombus cf. chipolanus (Dall, 1890); Chipola Formation, Miocene; northern Florida, USA; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Persististrombus chipolanus (Dall, 1890); Chipola Formation (Burdigalian), Miocene; Chipola River, Florida, USA; 55 mm; Coll. Rupert Hochleitner

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