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Species / Persististrombus



  • Strombidae
    • Persististrombus Kronenberg & Lee, 2007

Type species (by original designation): Strombus granulatus Swainson, 1821, non Strombus granulatus Röding, 1798 [nomen oblitum, see Kronenberg & Lee, 2005]

Original Description of Persististrombus by Kronenberg & Lee, 2007:

  • "Shell of moderate size for family, fusiform, shoulder knobs distinct on body whorl, slightly expanded outer lip with sharp, unglazed rim and no extensions, regularly divided callus on columella, anterior canal short, posterior canal or groove absent or obsolete. Protoconch elongate and conical with four to five smooth whorls. Adaxial side of outer lip smooth, plicate, or granulate."

Persististrombus species are

might belong to Persististrombus

History and Synonymy

  • Syn.: Afristrombus Bandel, 2007: 144
  • Syn.: Granostrombus Bandel, 2007: 148 [nom. nud.]
  • Syn.: Thetystrombus [sic] Dekkers, 2007a: 55; also spelled as Thethystrombus Dekkers, 2007b: 74]


Harzhauser, 2007, p. 103:

  • "The morphologic characters suggest that the Oligocene Strombus bernielandaui might have been the ancestor of the Aquitanian Strombus gijskronenbergi and the Early to Late Miocene Strombus preoccupatus (see Beets 1986 for stratigraphic range). The latter seems to be followed by Strombus quilonensis. This purely Indo-Pacific lineage might be rooted in the Oligocene to Miocene Strombus radix-bonelli group of the Western Tethys (pers. comm. Gijs Kronenberg)."


Kronenberg, 2008, p. 340:

  • "The extensive bending of the rim of the outer lip is however not observed in Thersistrombus thersites. Bandel (2007: 147) mentioned the resemblance of the spire and form of the outer lip of T. thersites with those of Persististrombus granulatus (Swainson, 1822). Although at first glance this may seem far-fetched, but going back into the fossil record, there may indeed be a connection with Persististrombus. Species allocated to Persististrombus are known from the Chattian (late Oligocene) and Aquitanian (early Miocene) of Oman, respectively P. bernielandaui (Harzhauser, 2007) and P. gijskronenbergi (Harzhauser, 2007). Another species allocated to Persististrombus from the Aquitanian of Tanzania is currently under description (Harzhauser, in press). Harzhauser et al. (2007) mentioned only Strombus preoccupatus Finlay, 1927 as a member of this radiation stating that S. preoccupatus was the last surviving species of that radiation. Without critically reviewing the following nominal taxa, as this is beyond the scope of this paper, Strombus sedanensis Martin, 1899 from the early Miocene of Java and Pakistan Abbott (1960: 102) and the Langhian and Serravilian, middle Miocene, of Borneo (Raven, 2002: 13); S. preoccupatus from the early and late Miocene of Java and Borneo; S. daviesi Dey, 1962 from the Miocene Quilon beds of Kerala, SW India; and both S. quilonensis Dey, 1962, and S. cossmanni Dey, 1962, also from the Miocene Quilon beds of Kerala, SW India; are tentatively considered part of the Indo Pacific radiation of Persististrombus by the present author. Whether or not the name Persististrombus should be used for these species is not yet resolved."


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  • M. Taviani, 2015. Unpersisting Persististrombus: a Mediterranean story; Vieraea, 42, 9-18.
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