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Species / Persististrombus Daviesi

Persististrombus Daviesi


Stratum typicum: Quilon Limestone (carbonate limestone in the Quilon Limestone Formation of India), Burdigalian, Miocene

Locus typicus: Quilon, Kerala State, Malabar Coast, India

History and Synonymy


Harzhauser, 2009 placed Strombus daviesi into Persististrombus


Reuter et al, 2011 placed Strombus daviesi into Persististrombus

Specimens from institutional collections

Persististrombus daviesi (Dey, 1962); Quilon Limestone, Burdigalian, Miocene; Quilon, Kerala State, Malabar Coast, India; Coll. NHMW


  • A.K. Dey. 1962. The Miocene Mollusca from Quilon, Kerala (India). Palaeontologia Indica NS, 36 1962: 1-129.
  • REUTER, M., PILLER, W. E., HARZHAUSER, M., KROH, A., RÖGL, F. and CORIC, S. (2011), The Quilon Limestone, Kerala Basin, India: an archive for Miocene Indo-Pacific seagrass beds. Lethaia, 44: 76–86. doi: 10.1111/j.1502-3931.2010.00226.x (URL)

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