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Species / Persististrombus Obliteratus

Persististrombus Obliteratus


Original Description of Strombus obliteratus by Hanna, 1926:

  • "Shell similar to Strombus granulatus Gray but shorter and stouter; a row of prominent spines situated on the shoulder of all the whorls; this is succeeded on the body whorl by another row, below; although these are smaller than the shoulder row, they are much more pronounced than the middle row of nodules on the body whorl of S. granulatus. The third and lowermost row of nodules on the latter is replaced in S. obliteratus by a spiral ridge; between this and the rows of spines. there is no indication of spiral sculpture which is so pronounced in the recent species; no granulation is present on the inside of the outer apertural margin in the type or any of the other specimens which are well enough preserved to show it."

Locus typicus: First narrow box canon, east of Alverson Canon, Coyote Mountain, Imperial County, California

Stratum typicum: Pliocene

Type material: Holotype California Academy of Science No. 1809

Strombus obliteratus in Hanna, 1926, plate 20, fig. 7


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