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Species / Persististrombus Praecedens

Persististrombus Praecedens


Locus typicus: Loibersdorf, Upper Austria, Austria

Stratum typicum: North Alpine Foreland Basin, Loibersdorf Formation, Eggenburgian (upper Aquitanian/lower Burdigalian), lower Miocene ~20 Ma.


  • "Schaffer (1912) illustrates two specimens without designating a type specimen; both specimens are stored in the GBA collection (Schaffer 1912: fig. 21,GBA1912/004/0011/1; fig. 22,GBA1912/004/0011/2). Herein, we designate the specimen illustrated as fig. 21 in Schaffer (1912) as lectotype." (Harzhauser & Kronenberg, 2013)

Strombus coronatus var. praecedens Schaffer, 1912, pl. LI, fig. 21, 22

History and Synonymy


Description of Persististrombus praecedens by Harzhauser & Kronenberg, 2013, p. 789:

  • "A small Persististrombus, which does not exceed 75 mm in height. It is characterised by a high spire with an apical angle of 5062 and a narrow last whorl with an angle of 3136. The last whorl accounts for 7580% of the total height. The spire is stepped; the whorls display a convexity in their middle, which grades into blunt nodes on the last spire whorl. The last whorl develops 67 long spiny nodes. These are oriented in adapical direction in Chattian specimens but more horizontal in early Burdigalian ones. The surface of the last whorl is nearly smooth except for faint traces of spiral threads. Additional spiral threads may occur on spire whorls and on the sutural ramp. A pronounced spiral swelling may appear in the lower third terminating in the stromboid notch. A shallow concavity arises below the spines on the outer surface of the wing. The wing is moderately wide, straight sided and terminates in a weakly thickened outer lip. The outline of the adapical part of the wing follows the slight sutural ramp of the last whorl. It is attached to the spines and does not reach up to the spire whorls."


  • Harzhauser, M. and Kronenberg, G.C. 2013. The Neogene strombid gastropod Persististrombus in the Paratethys Sea. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 (4): 785802.Fulltext
  • Schaffer, F.X. 1912
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