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Species / Persististrombus Mardieae

Persististrombus Mardieae


Original Description of Strombus mardieae by Petuch, 2004:

  • "Shell small for genus, proportionally narrow, with high, protratcted spire; shoulder of body whorl sharply angled, ornamented with 10 large, pointed knobs; last 2 spire whorls with 10 large knobs per whorl; early whorls with 16-18 low, rounded knobs per whorl; body whorl heavily sculptured with 21-25 large, prominent, evenly spaced spiral cords; finer spiral threads present between cords; spire whorls sculptured with 6-7 large spiral cords; anterior end encircled with 8 small, low spiral cords; aperture proportionally narrow, with lip of adults not expanded, paralleling parietal area; posterior edge of lip almost perpendicular to shell axis, only slightly sloping."

Type material: Holotype no. AMNH FI-50654, length 66 mm, width 46 mm; Paratype coll. E. Petuch, length 37 mm

Locus typicus: Chipola River, 0,5 km north of the mouth of Ten mile Creek, Calhoun County, Florida, USA

Stratum typicum: Chipola Formation, Alum Bluff Group, (Burdigalian), Miocene

Etymology: Named after Ms. Mardie Drolshagen Banks, Visual Communications Department, Florida Atlantic University.

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