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Species / Pyktes Daiphron


Original description of Pyktes daiphron by Popenoe, 1983

  • "Shell with general characters of genus, relatively small, with maximum height of adult shell generally less than 30 mm; spiral angle narrow, about 45-50; spire consisting of four (?) smooth, gently convex whorls, somewhat wider than high, but increasing in relative height anteriorly; last whorl about the height of shell, regularly convex parietally, rostrally concave in profile viewed aperturally, ventrally curved distally; aperture elongate, narrow, oblique to shell axis; axial sculpture of spire whorls of growth-lines only, of last whorl of growth-lines for about first of whorl; last quarter of last whorl ornamented between suture and periphery by three to five strongly opisthocline, gently aperturally concave ribs, highest, widest, and somewhat angulate at periphery, fading out abruptly toward rostrum, more gradually posteriorly toward suture which they meet at nearly a right angle; a very faint sculpture of spiral lirae discernible on some spire whorls."

Locus typicus: Silverado Canyon, El Toro Quadrangle, Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California, USA.

Stratum typicum: late Turonian, upper Cretaceous


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