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Species / Pyktes Hamulus


Original description of Pugnellus hamulus by Gabb, 1864:

  • "Shell robust; spire moderately high; whorls six, angular, sloping above and crenulated on the carina. In the immature state, suture impressed, linear, angle of body whorl crenulated; surface marked by numerous fine, revolving lines; lip thin, broadly rounded, most prominent in the middle. In the adult shell, the surface-markings and suture are obliterated by a heavy incrustation, which covers the spire and body volution. Aperture broad behind, narrowed in advance; outer lip provided on the margin with a broad, heavy callus above and a smaller one below, with a narrow, subangular sinus between them; between the upper callus and the body whorl there is a broad, deep emargination; below, the margin rapidly retreats towards the canal, which is strongly curved forwards in the form of a blunt hook. Viewed from the back, the upper margin of the lip presents a thick, rounded callus, commencing at the club-shaped extremity, and which, curving upwards, merges into the general contour of the shell, on the upper surface of the body whorl."

Locus typicus: In the hills southwest of Martiņez, Contra Costa County, California, USA.

Pugnellus hamulus Gabb, 1864, pl. XX, fig. 81

Synonymy and History


Pugnellus hamulus in Gabb, 1868, pl. 13, fig. 1, 2, 3


Pugnellus hamulus in Gabb, 1869, pl. 27, fig. 42


Pugnellus hamulus in Cossmann, 1904, pl. VII, fig. 3 ''' 1927'''

Conchothyra hamula Stewart, 1927, pl. 20, figs. 6, 7


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